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I want to be an official Debian seller.

Dear Sirs,
I would like to be an official Debian seller. Here it is necessary details:

Vendor name: LinuxMarket.eu
Vendor's URL: http://linuxmarket.eu
We won't donate Debian by cash.
Type of CD's: Official CD
Country we are in: Poland
Do you ship orders overseas?: No
URL with information about Debian: http://www.linuxmarket.eu/index.php?p=productsMore&iProduct=6&sName=Debian-3.1r1-Sarge-i386-(CD)-(24h)
E-mail for customers: sklep@linuxmarket.eu
What architectures your CDs are for: i386.

I'm waiting for Your response! Thanks in advance.

realizator zamówień internetowych LinuxMarket.eu
Daniel "Dandys" Gadawski

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