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Re: web site bug report: language switches back to default every time you click a link

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 01:20:29AM +0100, Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
> > If you prefer to view webpages in english rather than in italian, you
> > should configure you browser to ask the pages in that order :
> > "Accept-Language: en, it".
> Yeah I know that. However, I may want to view *most* pages in italian, but 
> this one in English (I usually don't trust italian translations of 
> software-related stuff),

"Hopefully" for you not that many websites use content-negociation, you
may try this configuration and/or provide patches to debian-l10n-italian

> and as I said, it's great that by default the 
> server delivers me the italian version respecting my general preference, but 
> forcing manually the language *once* should be sufficient. And it *can* be 
> done statically by having english pages link to english pages etc.

If you would do that :
- people would always see "localized" links, so thay would use and
bookmark them, leading the content-negociation mecanism to be no more
used, since "non localized" links would never be displayed.

* at time 0, a given page A is not localized. Because the user follows
english pages, the displayed url is .en.html. He links to this url
.en.html from his tutorial B.
* at time 1, the given page A is translated.
=> A user that follows page B will not be directed to a localized version of page A.

- you would have to rebuild all pages containing a link to a page that has just
been translated.

I don't see any correct solution to that problem :/

> Let's see it this way. Either you think that manual selection of language is 
> unnecessary because there exists a browser configuration setting that does 
> the job, in which case why are you providing manual language selection.

In the case you would like to display a specific page in a specific

> you do think that manual language selection is necessary, then it must work 
> fine. And having it switch again to default at every link-clicking, is imho 
> quite an handicap.

Actually, I think that like multiple-css-choices, it would be the role
of the browser to allow specifying a specific language for a given
navigation tab.

Maybe :
Quick Locale Switcher: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1333/
Best regards,

Simon Paillard

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