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Re: A question

2007/2/9, Ozgur <debianoz@gmail.com>:


Sorry as I am writing to here but I could not find any other address to
ask.If  there is another email address to ask questions about list usage,
please let me know it.

This questions should be addressed to user lists o to the mail masters
at lists.debian.org

My problem : When I sent a message to a list, I think I should get a copy of
that message that was distributed to my email address from the list
server.Is it true. If it is yes? Why can't I get one.

No, it depends on the configuration of the list. It can be configured
to send copies to the submits or not.

And another question: When I send a message, does it goes to list
immediately or does it wait for some time?

Normally, it goes inmediately.



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