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Please can you add me to the CD vendors list


Please can you add me to the CD vendors list. I've completed the details
requested below. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Vendor Name  = Linux-Man DistrOS.
URL of Vendor = www.linux-man.co.uk
Whether or not you donate some of the sale to Debian = Not currently, but we
are devising a scheme that will donate to various GNU projects.
Type of CDs sold (see at the top of page for details) = Official i386 &
Unofficial AMD64 Port.
Country you are in = United Kingdom
Do you ship orders overseas ("yes", "no", "some areas" or "within Europe") =
Yes, UK and EU countries only.
URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs = I use a
Oscommerce package which is driven by php, so it's not possible to have
'Debian' mentioned in the actual ULR of the Debian products page. However,
Debian does have it's own web page in my site which can be found at this
link -
Email address for sales enquiries - Info@linux-man.co.uk
What architectures your CDs are for - i386 and Unofficial AMD64 port.
Many thanks



Mr. Linux-Man Henderson
1 Sandford Park
BA14 9NN

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