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Frustrating floppy install

While I appreciate your site and all of the information that it has to offer, there is one problem that I feel the need to point out.  


When I was trying to find the floppy disk images so that I could install the system on my system with a problematic cd-drive, I clicked on the link that says “Installing Debian GNU/Linux via the Internet”.  


On this page I was told that I could download a couple of floppy disk images, write them to floppy disks and be on my merry way.  While this sounded great, when I clicked on the link “Floppy disks”, I was brought to the following page:




This page was frustratingly not helpful. It directs me to the installation manual but, alas, I still do not have any floppy images.  At this point I had already realized that I could install Debian from floppies, what I really needed was the images.  I have found the images once but every time that I search for them again I have come up empty handed.


There doesn’t seem to be a clear and simple way to get the floppy disk images.  If I am missing the link then I apologize for taking up your time and request that you merely send me a link to the images.




Joseph Martell



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