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we want to sell Debian CD’s, we have read the Info-Site for CD Resellers.

Here are our Details:


-          Meissner Haedicke Gbr – HH-CM Solutions

-          www.hh-cm.de / www.Magic-Price.de / www.Lug-Viersen.de

-          We want to spend 10% (maybe more) fort he Debian-Project

-          We want to sell all CD’s

-          Germany

-          Only for Germany

-          www.hh-cm.de / www.magic-price.de / www.lug-viersen.de
we want to wait for your response to create the sites

-          info@magic-price.de info@hh-cm.de

-          We want to sell cd’s for all architektures




Is it possible to use the Debain-Logo for some T-Shirts, Caps and so on?

We have very good connections to realize these things and sell them.

We will spend 10% (maybe more) for this project.


Please take contact to us (in German ?? J)


Many thanks and best Regards.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Heiko Haedicke.

Certified Engineer
HH-CM Solutions

Christian Meissner,

Heiko Haedicke GbR
Sittarderstr. 35 B13a
41748 Viersen
Tel. 02162 6719230
Fax. 02162 8194895
Mail & MSN:


Schallschutzhauben, CPU Container

sowie Zubehör für Plasma,

Beamer und TFT finden Sie

in unseren Katalogen im

Bereich Downloads / Kataloge 2007



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