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Re: web site bug report: language switches back to default every time you click a link

"Matteo Sisti Sette" <matteo.sistisette@email.it> wrote: [...]
> Automatic language negotiation could be used only in the default main index 
> page.

Sorry, that wouldn't work.  Many (most?) users don't enter the site at
the default main index page.  Possibly something could be done with
Referer-header detection, but I don't think all mirrors would support

> Yeah I know that. However, I may want to view *most* pages in italian, but 
> this one in English (I usually don't trust italian translations of 
> software-related stuff), [...]

If you want to switch languages much, please get/make an add-on for
your browser to let you switch languages swiftly.  One possibility for
Firefox-based browsers is https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1333/

> Let's see it this way. Either you think that manual selection of language is 
> unnecessary because there exists a browser configuration setting that does 
> the job, in which case why are you providing manual language selection. If 
> you do think that manual language selection is necessary, then it must work 
> fine. [...]

I think that is what I would call a false dichotomy.

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