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Re: web site bug report: language switches back to default every time you click a link


Thank you for replying and for the advices.

> "It's not a bug, it's a feature" :-)

Sorry but I disagree here. If it is not a bug, then it may be called a 
design error. I'll explain.

> There is no cookies or php session tracking on the debian website,
> because the website must be static

That's fine but ther are static solutions to that.
English pages should link to english pages, french pages to french pages and 
so on.
I'm sure that even if the published pages are static, there is some sort of 
"dynamic" publishing mechanism
being used "at edit time" which could be improved in order to manage this, 
isn't it? :-)

Automatic language negotiation could be used only in the default main index 

> If you prefer to view webpages in english rather than in italian, you
> should configure you browser to ask the pages in that order :
> "Accept-Language: en, it".

Yeah I know that. However, I may want to view *most* pages in italian, but 
this one in English (I usually don't trust italian translations of 
software-related stuff), and as I said, it's great that by default the 
server delivers me the italian version respecting my general preference, but 
forcing manually the language *once* should be sufficient. And it *can* be 
done statically by having english pages link to english pages etc.

Let's see it this way. Either you think that manual selection of language is 
unnecessary because there exists a browser configuration setting that does 
the job, in which case why are you providing manual language selection. If 
you do think that manual language selection is necessary, then it must work 
fine. And having it switch again to default at every link-clicking, is imho 
quite an handicap.

By the way, just in case that my language leads to doubts, though I express 
my disagreement (in which I may be wrong) in the subject matter of 
discussion, I do very much appreciate the fact that there's a person over 
there taking the time to reply to individual feedback - not to mention how I 
appreciate that there is a site at all! :)

Thank you
Matteo Sisti Sete 

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