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Who's using Debian

Organisation Name : Department of Computer and Engineering,Thiagarajar
College of Engineering,Madurai,India

Organisation Type : Educational

Homepage Link : www.tce.edu

Our college uses debian in the 6 HP Blade30p, 2 ML350, and in 1TB NAS
box.We are running Kerberos, OpenLDAP, Samba, Exim, Cyrus, SquirrelMail,
Mailman, PostgreSQL, Bind, Apache, Squid, VsFTPd, sshd in these
servers.Apart from these we use Debian in 3 other lower-end HP servers
[NIS, NFS].The Number of Client  workstation that houses debian would be
around 110 in Central Computing Center and another 35 Computers in the
Parallel Processing Lab of Computer Science Department.

 The reason for using Debian is due to its stable packages.it is also easy
to maintain and upgrade.

-- PraveenKrish --

i blog at http://www.praveenkrish.blogspot.com

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Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Madurai - 625015 (India)

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