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UK Supplier


I am hoping to get Added to the vendors page as a supplier in the United Kingdom ...

Vendor: "The Linux Store UK"
URL: http://www.thelinuxstore.org.uk
URL for Debian page: http://www.thelinuxstore.org.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=41_52
Allows Contribution To Debian: Yes
CD and DVD Type: Official
Architectures*:*  i386 ; IA-64 ; others on request
Country: United Kingdom
Ship International: Yes
Email: sales@thelinuxstore.org.uk

Kindest Regards,

John E. Cloke

The Linux Store UK
Web:    http://www.thelinuxstore.org.uk
EMAIL:  store@thelinuxstore.org.uk
PHONE: (705) 488-9988
CELL:  (705) 878-3103

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