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RE: p.s.

Hi Frans,

Thanks for the reply.
I will try the commands to check the cd.
Although I think this time it will work better...
Internet Explorer seems to have problems with downloading.

First of all, the link on your website to the Swedisch server does work ok
in Firefox. But in Internet Explorer I get this:
"Internet Explorer cannot download.... The supplied HTTP header is invalid".
I also tried it at work. So in IE7 you can't use that link

Second, I downloaded the ISO with Firefox and this time the download took
much longer to complete. I think IE also doesn't handle BIG files well.

So I think all the problems are the result of IE7 not being able to handle
these things :)

When it comes to that music folder I saw, there is a directory with the name
"music" in it: "pathological-music".
Whether it is real music or not I don't know but that is what I saw and
that's why I refered to a folder with music files.

Thanks & keep up the good work :)


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