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Who's using Debian?

IT Operations, Opteum Financial Services, USA


Although we're primarily a Microsoft-based organization, I chose to use
Debian as a vehicle to both advance my knowledge of non-MS operating
systems and provide our first internal wiki in order to consolidate IT's
various repositories of reference material into a singular knowledge

After some pain (my own learning curve) and much exhilaration the wiki
was operational, stable, fast, and ready for use. Setting up something
so useful, free, and without using a GUI other than bash and the Debian
installer was great fun. Opteum IT has been empowered as a result and we
thank the Debian team for making this possible.

Off the record (do not post): Death to Vista, haha, and looking forward
to Etch. Keep up the good work guys and gals, you and the community are
an inspiration and have opened my eyes back to the good old days when I
first got into PC's. ;)

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