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Re: Lenght of vote bar in http://www.debian.org/vote/

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         As time and GR's pass, the length of the navigation bar for
>  the vote pages keeps increasing. Considering that the list of votes
>  is getting long, and that the most recent votes/elections are now at
>  the bottom of the page, perhaps it is time to consider a refactoring
>  of the vote bar?
>         I was thinking of adding a history page, which has the
>  historical votes, in the current chronological order; and add that
>  new historical page to the nav bar, and then restrict the votes shown
>  in the navigation bar to, say, the last 3 years or so.
>         So, in http://www.debian.org/vote/2007/vote_001, all the votes
>  for 2004 and prior shall be relegated to the History page.

It may be worth to reconsider the vote section entirely.

This is only a proposal, which may be a bit radical:

Keep the left side as a sub-menu, but don't list all resolutions and
stuff there.  Instead keep it shorter, something like:

  Home Vote Page
Current Votes
  DPL Election 2007
  GR Free Linux
  GR Release Hurd
How To
  Voting Information
  Condorcet Method
  Submit a Proposal
  Amend a Proposal
  Follow a Proposal
  Decided Votes
  Withdrawn Votes
  Other ...

The link "Voting Information" would link to the current information on
the index page.

The links in the archive would point to an overview page that lists
all such votes so that the vote titles aren't hit by accidential linebreaks.

The index page would have only one paragraph of genereal information
and then contain text and status information (such as the end of the
voting period) from all active votes or "No votes currently", or
something.  The text per vote could be extracted from the vote.wml
file or hand-edited.

That way, the most important information - which votes are ongoing and
what's their status - would be visible on the main vote page, while
all other information is still available, but one link deeper.



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