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more broken links

Hello again,

on this page:


there are also broken links.

In this following text on the above listed page are three links to download the linuxcookbook.

Download linuxcookbook
File	Size (in kB)	md5sum
linuxcookbook_1.2-1.dsc 	0.7 	f95f80f8bb072d9656114aa8dd32f5af
linuxcookbook_1.2.orig.tar.gz 	2231.6 	c41e632d326ccd642a43441845dd334b
linuxcookbook_1.2-1.diff.gz 	171.7 	f63e090313fcfb677cb7acaef5204188

All three of these links are broken.

Thank you for the great linux distribution,

Walter Smith

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