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2.6.14-2 sparc32 images available for testing 7000 hospitals,400,000 doctors: <kein Betreff> Re[3]: Приглашение - Английский Разговорный с преподавателями из С Ш А dvadcatomu Re: Re: [debian-sparc] video drivers Re: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Image defects with 2.6.14/atyfb/Sunblade 100 Avviso di E-Mail rifiutata AW: Question on gcc-3.3 sources Re: booting a sunblade 100 Boring forced logout Re: Bttv and SPARC Current release of Etch on SS20. CD problem. Fwd: Debian on 280R Re: Drivers socal on E3500 framebuffer - wrong console colors Free Sparcserver 670 in DC area Fujitsu Primepower 200 help on minicom Image defects with 2.6.14/atyfb/Sunblade 100 Install to sparc 20 without video ?? Install/upgrade report on Sparcstation LX Installing Debian on SunFire 280R Kernel 2.6.14 in unstable the keyboard and the installer Laptop from Sun Microsystems ? openssh-client problems? Partitioning problem on ultra-1 with Sarge Re: please review alsaconf patch Please test pre-release 2.6.14-3 packages Re: potato with apt-get upgrade killed libstdc++ Potwierdzenie rejestracji - krok 2/3 problem with compile Problems with type5c keyboard under X Windows PROM update with linux Qualification of sparc in etch Question on boot-message RaptorFX or Creator3D? Regalos para este 18 Septiembre SILO Blank Screen On Installer Kernel Start sound on blade 100 Sparc Station 20 and Etch SS20 and SMP using Ross modules SS20: SMP trouble... Sun SS20/ Etch network problem Testing and KDE 3.4.2 Re: Thank You for Contacting Us Re: Type5 keyboard with kernel version 2.6.x U30, Xorg and Voodoo Banshee Ultra10 console problems Re: Re: unable to boot on the netinst CD We just got great news for our customers Your request has been forwarded to a support representative The last update was on 09:13 GMT Fri May 06. There are 150 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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