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2.6.14-2 sparc32 images available for testing


Surprisingly enough, the sparc32 images of 2.6.14 built pretty much out of the box and they even work (so far) on my Hypersparc SS20! They are available for download from


This directory also contains a patch against 2.6.14-2 which I used to enable this build. One warning: the sparc32 drivers, in particular esp scsi driver are not fully sysfs-aware. It basically means that yaird (and initramfs-tools probably too, even though I have only tried yaird) will fail to include the esp drivers into initrd at image installation time. So you have to manuall add 'MODULE esp' to the yaird configuration file /etc/yaird/Default.cfg for it to be included. Let the list know if you'll encounter any problems.

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