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Re: Type5 keyboard with kernel version 2.6.x

On Tue, 01 Nov 2005 11:09:55 -0600, Marc Mandel <mse512000@yahoo.com>

>On Tue, 1 Nov 2005 11:04:50 +0100, Jan-Benedict Glaw
><jbglaw@lug-owl.de> wrote:
>>On Mon, 2005-10-31 15:50:24 -0600, Marc Mandel <mse512000@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> OK. I upgraded from 2.4.x to 2.6.12 and now my keyboard is dorked both
>>> inside of and outside of X.org....
>>You're probably loading a new key mapping during bootup. Don't do
>>that, or load the one for PC105 keyboards.
>>MfG, JBG
>My first thought was "How the heck do I do that?"
>Well, a little google searching and I found the following link:
>In the spirit that this may be useful to someone else, here is the
>relevent portion:

<stuff deleted>

>So, now I am running 2.6.x kernel with a working console.
>Still no working xorg... yet...

X.org would not work due to mouse problems.
I edit xorg.conf and changed mouse from "/dev/sunmouse" to
"/dev/psaux" and it is working...

Thanks to Christian (for your initial post) and Jan-Benedict for your


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