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Re: help on minicom

Quoting Marc Coevoet <marcsje@fulladsl.be>:

> I'm using minicom on a linux machine , I try to set :
>>> Send 9600,8,N,1 data
> But, where do I set "send" ??? (CTS etc ??°

Go to 'cOnfigure Minicom', select 'Serial port setup' then
specify which serial port (on LOCAL machine) and speed etc
you're using.

> I mean, when I start it, I always see
> "Initialising modem"

Go to 'cOnfigure Minicom', select 'Modem and dialing' then
select 'A' ('Init string') and remove everything that's there.

Then you won't get the "Initialising modem"...

> I'm trying to connect to the sparc, that has no Sun console,
> and I try to see if there's something on the serial out of
> the sparc ..

Are you using port A (first serial port) on the SPARC? if not,
what port have you/is specified as 'output-device' and/or
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