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Install/upgrade report on Sparcstation LX

Hi all,

After a few trials, and quite a lot of time, sarge is mostly set up on my Sparcstation LX.

Machine specs (probably standard for an LX):
- 50MHz (at least, based on the bogomips) MicroSparc, sun4m
- 24M (6x4M)
- ~350M /, ~50M swap

I installed woody via an external SCSI CD-rom drive with no network connection. I then moved the machine to where a network connection was available.

Next I tried to upgrade to sarge (over the network), but quite quickly ran into the previously reported problem about circular dependencies of the 2.4.x kernel and libc6. After quite a bit of painful struggling and ineffective forcing (and getting nowhere, trying all the steps in the email threads I could find on this topic), I managed to get wget installed and manually downloaded a 2.4.27 kernel from (I think):

Thankfully this kernel did not require an initrd and so not invoke the circular dependencies. I rebooted, then upgrade the rest of the packages mostly ok. The only problem I have left is that for some reason /etc/hosts is absent, and some package upgrades - eg. exim3 - fail to configure (I guess these are related problems). BTW I'm currently upgrading to exim4. Of course I can hand-craft /etc/hosts, but wanted to check which package/stage didn't create it properly, although presumably this was the original woody install and so is largely pointless to report as a bug.

Hope this helps anyone else using sparc32,


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