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Re: Please test pre-release 2.6.14-3 packages

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, boera@rdslink.ro wrote:

Tested today on a Sun Ultra 10. I've noticed 2 problems:
1) The first problem is connected with the parport_pc module.
cat some_file > /dev/lp0 locks up the machine. We can reset it with
Works if we recompile with FIFO DMA disabled.

I cannot reproduce it on Ultra 60. Anyway, since this is a parport-specific option, it is probably reasonable to just disable it for the next upload and look for a proper solution later.

2) bttv works now with the Jetway bt878 tv card but the machine locks
up completely after a few minutes. Keyboard doesn't respond, the
machine doesn't respond to ping. The only solution is a hard reset. Any
suggestion would be appreciated.

Sorry, can't really offer much. Do you see anything in the logs? 'modinfo bttv' shows quite a few debugging parameters, you can try enabling them and see if more information becomes available. Also there should be some upstream mailing list for development of this driver.


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