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Sun SS20/ Etch network problem

Hi, all.

Last night, I downloaded and installed Etch (latest image from the D-I
page at debian.org) on an SS20 with a Sun Lance network card.  When I
reboot after the first part of the install, I get the message that 'eth0
is deprecated' or something like that. When I do ifconfig, all I see is
the loopback address.

The network was configured correctly during the install, although it did
take 2 tries to find dhcp on my adsl router/ hub, this suggested to me
that the card was a bit slow.

Could it possibly be that the right module isn't getting loaded at boot?
Alternatively, is it possible to slow the network bit of the boot
process, to give the card sufficient time to get an ip address from the

Any thoughts appreciated.

Many thanks,



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