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Re: Question on boot-message

On 11/28/05, Jurzitza, Dieter <DJurzitza@harmanbecker.com> wrote:
> Dear listmembers,
> is there some way for me to find out which ioctl is missing here and whether I do have a chance to fix this?
> <4>sys32_ioctl(mount:146): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(00004c05) arg(effff898)

Run the "cmd" value backwards through the macros defined in
asm/ioctl.h and perhaps you'll get an idea.

> This appears about 20 times during boot on my U60. The numbers at mount:XXX vary from XXX=139 to XXX =161, the cmd's are fd(3) and fd(4). The actual cmd() is always the same, the arg() is either arg(effff898) or arg(efffed70)

The number after "mount:" is the pid.  The mount command is attempting
an unknown ioctl, so start there and try to narrow down what mount may
be attempting.  You could strace or ltrace the offending mount command
during the boot process as well.

Come on back if you can't figure it out.

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