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Re: Install to sparc 20 without video ??

On Sat, Nov 19, 2005 at 10:45:57PM +0100, Marc Coevoet wrote:
> I have the sparcstation naow...
> So, when I disconnect the keyboard, the NVRAM still needs to be set to 
> true ..
Not sure that this is true: if you set up minicom on another box
via null modem cable, then disconnect video and keyboard and then 
power up the Sun. It should drop straight to serial port as console.

> If I boot from one of the cds to install, will I get to boot it right 
> via the serial??

Sarge CD's should be fine.

> And if I have a linux system on the mac, which program should I use
> to use the serial port on it ??  (I know I can dial in with eg
> yellowdoglinux on this,mac G3/266 system, so the serial works..)
Minicom / seyon or similar.



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