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Re: Install to sparc 20 without video ??

I have the sparcstation naow...

Op 15-nov-05 om 01:03 heeft Andrew M.A. Cater het volgende geschreven:

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 12:49:25AM +0100, Marc Coevoet wrote:
Is it possible without a Sun monitor to install ??

I mean: I could login via the network ...
Serial console onto serial port: use minicom at the other end

Send 9600,8,N,1 data

set to CTS, 9600,8,N,1

I use Zterm and MacWise ...

I read this from the sparc station 20 manual:

Full Diagnostic Mode

Full diagnostic mode tests the system board components and thei
installed MBus modules. POST is executed if one of two actions occur:

■ Press and hold the Stop (L1) and D keys while system power is being applied.
■ Set the diag-switch? NVRAM parameter to true in the OpenBoot PROM.

So, when I disconnect the keyboard, the NVRAM still needs to be set to true ..

If I boot from one of the cds to install, will I get to boot it right via the serial??

And if I have a linux system on the mac, which program should I use
to use the serial port on it ??  (I know I can dial in with eg
yellowdoglinux on this,mac G3/266 system, so the serial works..)

I kinda trust linux/netbsd systems more on hw, cause on
the mac, you never know your appletalk/print etc is set to a serial
port, so that this port is "in use" ...

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