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Re: Partitioning problem on ultra-1 with Sarge

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, juan.budia@bbraun.com wrote:


I try Sarge on old ultra-1 using CDnetinstall. Boot is ok. HD 2.1 Gb
correctly detected. I chose erase the whole disk and make one single
partition. When appling this politic a progression bar appears (formating the new file system I sopose), and when comes back, it gives a size of
104.7Mb size, and that is all, not even more free space...�? where is my 2.1 Gb !!!??? - If I try to erase the whole disk and start over again by re-creating the partition table, first it says 2.1 Gb free, but when
trying to create the (single) partition, it goes again down to 104,7 Mb
and the rest of space has just desapeared, not even as a free space for
additional partitions -it just faded away- ! :-(

Any hint?
thank you very much!


Yes, that's (more or less) known problem. If the disk has some disklabel on it, the installer will often consider it correct and get confused in a way you describe. Remarkably, creating a new disklabel from partman does not help. A solution I've found is to wait until device detection, then return to main menu and start a shell. Then, assuming that you do not have any valuable data on the disk, run a command like

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/discs/disc0/part3 bs=1024M count=10; sync; sync

This will overwrite the first ten megabytes of your disk (the device in the of= part) with zeroes. If you then reboot and run partman (you'll need to create a new disklabel), it will behave correctly.

Best regards,

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