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Re: Drivers socal on E3500

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:

Chris Newport wrote:

The last I heard the soc and socal code is unmaintained and did not make
the scsi changes from 2.2.x to 2.4.x.
IOW, if you want to use soc or socal you need to use a 2.2.x kernel or
fix the drivers.

The easy workaround is to fit a SCSI card and forget about soc or socal.
You will need to tell the OBP to boot from the scsi interface.

Noted and aware of that but does anybody have soc working at all? I've got
2.2.20 on a SPARCserver here and even with the firmware patch (assuming I got it
right, and noting the quoting problems in Sebastien's posting) I get

I booted from SCSI and then loaded the soc and pluto modules.
You also need to read my instructions at

This worked for me, YMMV. Here be dragons.

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