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Re: help on minicom

Hi Marc.

I did not read the whole thread. Maybe I repeat some things.

On Tuesday 22 November 2005 19:18, Marc Coevoet wrote:
> Op 22-nov-05 om 12:54 heeft Turbo Fredriksson het volgende geschreven:
> > Are you using port A (first serial port) on the SPARC? if not,
> > what port have you/is specified as 'output-device' and/or
> > 'input-device'?
> I'm trying to install a sparc 20, that has no monitor ..
> So I can't do much, I see a login: appear on eth , but of
> course, I have no login/pass ..

You can boot your SS20 and get the openboot output on the serial console?

You need to issue a BREAK signal during the boot process (e.g. memory check) 
- this will stop booting and put you into the openboot environment (PC talk: 
BIOS). Don't know out of my head how to do this with minicom. Should be 

Now you can type something like:

boot cdrom

or get a lot of help

> Marc



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