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Re: Install/upgrade report on Sparcstation LX

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 07 November 2005 15:16, Neil Pilgrim wrote:

Next I tried to upgrade to sarge (over the network), but quite quickly
ran into the previously reported problem about circular dependencies of
the 2.4.x kernel and libc6. After quite a bit of painful struggling and
ineffective forcing (and getting nowhere, trying all the steps in the
email threads I could find on this topic), I managed to get wget
installed and manually downloaded a 2.4.27 kernel from (I think):

Hmmm. Have you actually tried to follow the instructions in the Sarge Release Notes that should allow you to resolve this?

Documentation? what's that? ;)
No, I hadn't looked, mainly because previously everything has 'just worked' when I'd done an upgrade, and I hadn't seen a conclusion to any of the email threads which implied this problem was solved - if anything, they imply that transitional kernel packages were going to be used, rather than backported initrd-tools et al.

Either way, it seems to be working now, and I'll sort out all the initrd things next.

Thanks for pointing me to what I should have looked at :)
Is it possible to update the messages when you try the upgrade, to point at the Release Notes? Ok, so perhaps its stating the obvious, but so do quite a few other messages :) I suppose a kernel is bigger than the backported tools to download, but it would have been nicer to have the message alternatively say 'please install the package kernel-...-sparc-transitional before continuing'. I guess arch-specific packages like this are a pain to set up?

In any case, thanks to those who have worked on the Sparc port, long may it continue!

Any idea about /etc/hosts? I guess this isn't an issue for most people, no idea what caused it - don't remember anything obvious, but hey, my memory's not perfect ;)


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