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Sparc Station 20 and Etch

Hi, all.

Just subscribed to the list after being off it for 6 months plus. 

Has anybody managed to install Etch on A SS20?  

I do "boot cdrom", CDROM boots, start the install, all looking good,
then installer tries to detect my CDROM (that I booted from), and
prompts me for modules.  I have tried all the options, but no luck.

BTW, I booted the default Etch kernel.  It's quite annoying, because my
Sparc only likes new media, not CDRW's....so getting through some disks.

BTW, I reported this twice as a bug, but no acknowledgement, so not sure
if being addressed.   Next plan could be a Sarge install (no probs),
then maybe see if "apt-get dist-upgrade" works.  I've never tried this.

Any ideas?



DII SA4a2a
Mil: 94382 3450
Civ: 01225 813450

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