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Re: booting a sunblade 100

Il giorno 09/nov/05, alle ore 17:58, Dave Love ha scritto:

Riccardo Tortorici <riccardo.tortorici@gmail.com> writes:
Just for information.. did you get frame buffer problems (i.e. first
char missed)?

For what it's worth, the frame buffer problem I reported involves
garbled characters (maybe in addition to the first one being missing
-- I can't remember) and also clobbered X if I remember correctly.
Anyway, I second the question as I can't try it at present.

This is a known bug. You can find the attached patch that fixed it for me. Unfortunately this patch didn't find its way to the upstream kernel nor to the debian kernel sources.

I just verified that it is needed even with latest linux- source-2.6.14 from sid.


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