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Re: please review alsaconf patch

Martin Habets wrote:
>>(1) $PROCFS was not defined, so I set it manually. I didn't know where
>>you intended it to come from so I just set it in the beginning of the
>>patch to /proc.
> It is set at line 30 of the script. Maybe you are using an old version of
> alsconf?

The one from unstable, and indeed the experimental version sets $PROCFS.
But that shouldn't make a difference for the other points. I need to
stick with unstable; for my taste, it's unstable enough. ;)

>>(2) I guess you meant mounting openpromfs in case /proc/openprom exists?
>>Therefore && instead of ||.
> I meant to mount it if it has not been mounted yet. Fixed the code for this.

Wouldn't it even better if we leave the system in the state we found it?
I.e. unmounting in the end if mounting in the beginning.


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