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Re: PROM update with linux


>I got OBP-3.31 (currently, OBP-3.11 is installed) but do not quite know how to 
>proceed. There is no Solaris installed and I doubt that the OBP can read 

It can not.

>Can I refer to the update file directly from SILO?

Dunno, but maybe something to try. I haven't thought of it as I was
in the same situation.

>I have an empty hard drive, how can I format it so that it's suitable for an 
>OBP upgrade?

I'll tell you what I've tried and what eventually worked:

Network boot: In the release notes of the patch, this was listed as
possible installation type. I can netboot almost anything here, from
DECstations to SUNs and Alphas, but absolutely nothing worked.

I finally installed Solaris on a spare disk, copied the patch into
the root-fs and booted it from PROM. That worked with my Ultra-2.

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