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Amiga AGA gfx errors amiga serial ttyS0 prob Re: Anyone interested in helping with non-i386 Openafs? Apache probs on a P630 boot issues: slot_int_set Re: Bug#99185: boot-floppies: Does not recognize Amiga partitions building with storage on the network (follow-up) Burning CD & Linuxconf Re: Can't get through install (INIT 1 respawning too fast) Computer and Tech Show Confused about build error for pam Damn this list. Help needed to compile mp4h on m68k [ [M68k-build] hydra and oddities... ehm... not eventities] Re: Installation Issue Re-installing Debian Linux on an Atari Hades060 Installing Debian/m68k on an Amiga kernel-source-2.2.19 diff: CV64 krb5 build claims can't find dsc m68k packages depending on libstdc++2.10-glibc2.1 MacAlly 2-button ADB mouse? MVME167 w/ kernel 2.4.2 mysql & db3 Re: Newbie Alert! Old mac for sale Picasso probs python2 2.0-7 on m68k Recompile needed for 2.2r4 SCSI disk problem on a mac serial problem, the sequel [Macintosh serial printing] wvdial pppd prob Re: XServer of choice 소프트웨어, 이젠 동영상으로 배운다... The last update was on 15:02 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 86 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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