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python2 2.0-7 on m68k

Hi Roman,

I'm *desperately* waiting for a build of python2 2.0-7 on m68k/unstable.

Due to an unlucky constellation of dependencies, the missing packages hold
back more than a dozen of other packages from being moved to unstable.

Now yesterday, the buildd on kullervo gave another try at the package, but
failed with an error message that I don't understand

  Automatic build of python2_2.0-7 on kullervo by sbuild 1.152
  Build started at 20010502-1645
  Fetching .dsc file...
  Can't find .dsc file for python2_2.0-7
  Skipping python2
  Giving back package python2_2.0-7 after failure in find-dsc stage.
  Finished at 20010502-1645
  Build needed 00:00:00, 2168k disk space

Is there a simple fix for this, and is it possible to give this package a
higher priority, so that a rebuild will be tried very soon ? If this is not
possible, could then perhaps somebody try to build and upload the package on
his own m68k machine ? I would be very gladful, as would all other users of
Python packages on machines running testing!

(The python2 package for various reasons waits since six months in unstable.
Also, due to the dependencies of python-imaging and palm-doctoolkit, python,
python2 and all of them can only be moved in a single flush, and it's
necessary that the m68k packages are also there, so this is really a major
stumbling block.)

Again, thanks in advance,


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