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Re: Installing Debian/m68k on an Amiga

Problems again:

I partitioned the hard-disk using the fdisk in the Debian installer
(since it seems HDToolBox never got installed when I re-installed the
Amiga after I bought it), but I can't get it to recognize the

When in Amiga WB, I now only see my AmigaOS partition (my two other
previous partitions are gone), and when I get into the installer and
run fdisk, I see them just fine. I have now (not a screendump):

 "Logical cylinders from 1 to 22364"
/dev/hda1  start     1 end  3667  type DOS\1
/dev/hda2  start  3667 end 21993  type LNX\0
/dev/hda3  start 21194 end 22364  type SWP\0

but the installer program says that I do not have any swap partitions,
and if I select to skip using swap, it says that there are no Debian
native partitions either. I did re-start Linux after partitioning, just
to make sure.

Did I miss something? Do I need to do some magic with the "Boot" and
"Mount" flags?

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