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Burning CD & Linuxconf


Here I am Eric, in France near Paris, very new to this list and to Debian Linux on 68k Apple Macintosh. I'm trying to run linux on one Performa LC 630 Dos with a full 68040. I plan to use it first for ham radio applications like TCP/IP over radio with a TNC3S in slip mode.

The first step is running quite well, i.e the system without X. Althought I have 2 questions :

- I have downloaded the CD images and try to burn my own CD iso 9660 using toast 4 on the macintosh G4 with MacOS 9.1. But I didn't find a way to keep the right case of the pathname in the new burnt CD, i.e every pathname became from lower-case to upper-case everywhere, so I could not use the CD with the installer, as it didn't recognise any path ! What am I missing ?

- After installing linuxconf_1.17r5-2.deb with dselect, things seem to go well, but when I try to run it, I've always got " Segmentation Fault ". What can I do to make it run ?

Thanks for any help, regards 



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