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Re: python2 2.0-7 on m68k

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 03:46:22PM +0200, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:

> Now yesterday, the buildd on kullervo gave another try at the package, but
> failed with an error message that I don't understand
> (http://m68k.debian.org/buildd/logs/python2_2.0-7_20010502-1645):
>   Fetching .dsc file...
>   Can't find .dsc file for python2_2.0-7

This may happen when source packages are on the mirror but *.dsc files not.

> Is there a simple fix for this, and is it possible to give this package a

Yes. Wait and retry.

> higher priority, so that a rebuild will be tried very soon ? If this is not
> possible, could then perhaps somebody try to build and upload the package on
> his own m68k machine ? I would be very gladful, as would all other users of
> Python packages on machines running testing!

With current number of buildds there is no huge backlog anymore with
building packages.

> (The python2 package for various reasons waits since six months in unstable.
> Also, due to the dependencies of python-imaging and palm-doctoolkit, python,
> python2 and all of them can only be moved in a single flush, and it's
> necessary that the m68k packages are also there, so this is really a major
> stumbling block.)

Well, it would speed things up when you report similar future issues to
m68k-build list.
I'm sure, as a Debian Maintainer you can at least get a login on a m68k
machine if you need it in order to sbuild packages manually.

Oh, and finally: 

Infos on package python2 , distribution(s) unstable :

  Package             : python2
  Version             : 2.0-7
  Builder             : schmitz
  State               : Installed
  Section             : interpreters
  Priority            : optional
  Installed-Version   : 2.0-7
  Previous-State      : Uploaded
  State-Change        : 2001 May 03 03:04:31

Or to speak with a saying: nothing is more outdated then news from
yesterday... ;-)) 

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