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Re: Newbie Alert!

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Ray Knight wrote:

> "Erik C.J. Laan" wrote:
> > 
> > Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > Some Macs even have functional hwclock support it seems. Rather change the
> > > kernel to return error or sucess or whatever on clock setting on your
> > > machine.
> > >
> > > Forward patches for the hwclock script to the Debian BTS please.
> > 
> > Never had problems with RTC clock support and hwclock on my Mac's
> > (Quadra700 and Quadra650).
> > 
> > Seeya, Erik
> > 
> Well from my inventory of Macs (II, IIci, IIci w/DayStar '040, IIvx,
> IIfx, LC475, LC575 and Quadra 950) the Quadra 950 is the only one that
> doesn't like hwclock.

In my inventory, I also haven't seen this except on the Quadra 950.  The
SE/30 does not seem affected, nor have I noticed this on the Quadra 660AV
or Quadra 800.  I have quite a few more machines, but I haven't really
tested them with a complete system, only a ramdisk that did not have

I looked at the kernel source for the clock functions.  Machines with IOP
ADB (IIfx, Q900, Q950) use via_read_time(), as do machines with MacII ADB
(a large number of machines).  The hangup is probably in this function
somewhere, or in the via_pram_command() function that it calls, although I
can't really tell where this would be happening.  Machines with IIsi and
CUDA ADB will almost certainly not be affected by this.


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