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Installing Debian/m68k on an Amiga


I'm finally done upgrading (and repairing my machine from damage
created while upgrading...) my Amiga so that I can install Debian on
it, so it can do something useful. However, having read the
installation manual and the "Short Amiga installation instructions"
document, there's a few things I need clarified:

I have not yet managed to get networking set up under AmigaOS, so
copying files over is a pain, but granted that I could get
amigainstall.tgz over and get the thing to boot, does the Amiga
installer support getting the base2_2.tgz over the network via NFS?

My machine is now an Amiga 1200 with a 68040-card and 32 Mbyte of
Fast-RAM, and the network card is an Accton EN2216 PCMCIA Ethernet card
(which is supported by the AmigaOS cnet.device, so I guess it's a
NE2000 clone).

Since I'm a total loser at AmigaOS, I plan to do all the partitioning
and such after booting into the installer. I have a 1 Gbyte disk, and
my main Amiga partition is 200 Mbyte, the rest will be wiped and
replaced with Linux partitions -- do I need to change something in
AmigaOS for it to recognize the changed partition layout, or will it
acknowledge it automatically (i.e not try to mount ext2 partitions)?

peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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