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Re: [info@ruediger-kuhlmann.de: [M68k-build] hydra and oddities... ehm... not eventities]

> > > In other words: Packets get lost, if they have the wrong length modulo 2.
> > try whether ping -s shows the same behaviour.
> Not that reproducable, but yes.

> > > Now, the 21:42:06.313999 packet claims it length to be 3b = 59 bytes, but in
> > > reality, 60 bytes are send! So when heise ack's 20 bytes of user data,
> > > something must have gotten confused as only 19 bytes where supposed to be
> > > sent - there are no further packets sent.
> > 20 or 19, ethernet will xmit at least 64 so I don't see how the problem
> > can be at the ethernet level.
> Fact is that the packet emitted is in fact shorter. And those 19/20 bytes
> are the payload, as stated the complete IP packet is 59/60 bytes long. If
> tcpdump shows it is longer, then it _is_ longer. And I have seen packets of
> odd length from other computers.

iirc odd length packets were a problem with some 2.2.X kernels you may try
2.2.19. It may not even be the fault of your Amiga so ping the next gateway 
or something to be sure. The IP packet len may be anything, it is embeded
into an ethernet packet of at least 64 bytes and this is the only len the
hydra driver would deal with.


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