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MacAlly 2-button ADB mouse?

Hello everyone -

I'm pretty new to Linux - just installed "potato" on this old Quadra
610/52MB/840MB I picked up from a store
going-out-of-business-and-sell-everything sale for $30 the other day.  I've
used Linux just a bit in the past, and I've been using Mac OS X as well, but
it's going to take me a while to find my "sea legs" around here.

Question:  I have WindowMaker up and running (after installing a missing
libwraster piece using dselect), but it's not picking up my MacAlly 2-button
ADB mouse's second button.  Only the first button does anything.  What do I
need to tweak to get it to use the second button?


Matthew Formica 

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