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SCSI disk problem on a mac

Hello all,

I'm having troubles with my Quadra 650 since I added a second scsi disk. 
I've done a low level format of this disk with Apple Drive Setup v1.7.3
and updated the driver on both disks.  When I'm copying a lot of files
from one drive to another (the kernel source tree for example), the system
hangs after a couple of minutes.  No escape but the reset button.

This happens with the first 2.2 kernel in the stable distribution (2.2.10)
as well as with the latest (2.2.19-2).  The linux installed distribution
is the stable one.  The two disks on this computer are a Quantum Fireball
1 Gb (the first drive which I never had problem with, Apple supplied
drive) and an IBMRAID 0664M1H 2 Gb (disk coming from an intel machine).

I also have the same kind of troubles with a Colour Classic and a 700 Mb
Quantum Lightning drive (not Apple manufactured).  Is there any known
problems with non Apple drives and/or the scsi implementation ?

BTW, how can I do a full test of my drive under linux ?

Thanks for your answers.


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