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Old mac for sale


I recently ran across your efforts to port Linux to 68k macs. I'm very impressed! Awesome way to make use of these older machines. Somewhat sadly I need to sell my faithful Quadra 610, because I've run out of space and need to clear way for my new PowerMac. Anyway I thought it might make a great machine for running/testing Linux-m68k, and I'd love to see it used this way. I'm selling it rather cheap at Half.com <http://www.half.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?cpid=1011993671&domain_id=10&meta_id= 5> so I figured I'd let everyone know, in case anyone is interested. I've upgraded the RAM to 44MB, and the internal hard drive has been upgraded to 1GB with an external drive also at 1GB for a total of 2GB worth of storage. Check out Half.com for the complete specs. I'm willing to entertain offers lower than what you see at Half.com - assuming it hasn't sold - just email me at isaak@mac.com. Sorry to interrupt the list. Keep up the good work!

-Isaac Church
"Life is a series of mistakes, and success depends on how well we learn from them."

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