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Re: wvdial pppd prob

Edit /etc/groups and add your user to the dialout group so that it looks like:


Then make sure you log completely out and log back in and you should have
permissions to the serial devices.  If for some strange reason you don't make
sure the group on /dev/ttyS* is dialout.

Quoting Marc Schrooten <m.schrooten@rola.com>:

> Hi "list",
> I just installed wvdial on my Amiga and it recognized my modem, but
> there are still some problems:
> Only root may connect via wvdial, normal users are not allowed to read
> the configfile. I changed the owner of the configfile to the user, but
> then he is not allowed to access the serial device.
> The second problem is the dynamic dns, which is not resolved.
> The normal user is added in pppconfig to use ppp, but has obviously no
> rights.
> any ideas?
> greets
>     marc
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