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Re: Installing Debian/m68k on an Amiga

Simon Richter <Simon.Richter@phobos.fachschaften.tu-muenchen.de>:

> Hrm, it has been some time since I did that, but I think it is possible.

I decided not to take the chance, I copied it all over using my null
modem (only took me a few hours @ 38400 bps :-) ).

Second question:

After starting the installer, when it boots into Linux, my TV set won't
sync anymore. I read the readme file and tried adding "video=amifb:pal"
to the command line of the program that starts the installer (so that
the last parameter reads "boot=/dev/ram,video=amifb:pal"), but still no
luck. I have a PAL A1200 connected to a regular TV set using SCART
(RGB), and my TV doesn't really like anything but standard 50Hz PAL (if
I feed it with 60Hz NTSC, I get a "letterbox" b/w picture, but I did
not even get this). Shouldn't it be possible to use a TV set for Linux?

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