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Re: MacAlly 2-button ADB mouse?

I finally at long last got gpm working in terminal using 'gpm -m
/dev/adbmouse -t bm -Rmsc' - and setting XF86Config to use the MouseSystems
protocol.  I tried PS/2 (with the appropriate protocol in the XF86Config
file), but that didn't work at all in terminal or X.  I do repeat things
into /dev/gpmdata, and I have /dev/mouse pointing there as well.  The
problem is this:  I'm still not getting the 2nd mouse button on my MacAlly
2-button mouse.  gpm is working because I have X looking there and the first
button works, but as soon as I change the -R setting gpm stops working, and
of course X doesn't like it either.  Any ideas on what's wrong?


> From: Gyurko Szabolcs <szabolcs.gyurko@sysdata.siemens.hu>

> Hi !
> Yes, I think you should. If the gpm can handle your mouse correctly under
> terminal,
> you can enable the repeater, and change your /dev/mouse link to point to
> /dev/gpmdata.
> /dev/gpmdata will be a device, and gpm puts the datas incoming from mouse to
> this,
> and X server can read from it.
> In this way you can do some protocol translate too. (eg: you can set your
> repeater
> to produce PS/2 compatible data output to /dev/gpmdata. In this case you can
> configure your X server for PS/2 mouse).
> Bye.

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