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Re: kernel-source-2.2.19 diff: CV64

On Sunday 06 May 2001 15:07, Nick Holgate wrote:
> Thanks for the patch, I have added this to the 2.2.19 kernel patch
> package. However I have made the hardware blanking patch a kernel config
> option, of which the Debian stock kernels still use the old colormap
> scheme.

OK  I tried the new patch and it works just fine, but we should add the 
following patch so the colormap method actually turns the display black 
instead of the dark red I had used for debugging.

diff -r kernel-source-2.2.19/drivers/video/cyberfb.c 
< 			/* ARB Pale red to detect this blanking method */
< 			wb_64(regs, 0x3c9, 48); 
> 			wb_64(regs, 0x3c9, 0);


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