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Re: MacAlly 2-button ADB mouse?

I tried this, and while it did recognize my mouse and the first button
works, still no go on the second button.

I don't know why this is proving to be so difficult.  Doesn't anyone on this
list already have one of these mice and have it configured?  I remember
briefly trying Yellow Dog Linux some time ago on a different computer (a
Power Mac which is now my main MacOS box), and it recognized both buttons
right out of the box, with an earlier 2.2 kernel.  So it seems like this
shouldn't be this hard.

I do appreciate all your suggestions, however.  If you have any other ideas,
let me know.


> Hi.
> Try to use -Rms3 instead of -Rmsc, and set the Protocol field in your
> XF86Config
> to "Microsoft".
> I hope this will work.
> Bye.

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