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mysql & db3

Hello m68k-porters

As I don't have access to m68k.debian.org/kullervo I ask you if you could
try to compile and run the latest unstable mysql-server.deb with the following
modification in the rules file:

  # disabled others until someone proves the opposide (these architecures
  # are lacking "thread mutex" support in db3. Problem known to upstream.
- ifeq ($(findstring $(ARCH),alpha i386),$(ARCH))
+ ifeq ($(findstring $(ARCH),alpha i386 m68k),$(ARCH))

assuming that m68k is what "dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_ARCH" prints out.

If then mysqld ist a) starting and b) creates a .db database with
$ echo 'CREATE TABLE t (t int) TYPE=BDB;' | mysql test
then it's very good. Please check if the resulting files in 
/var/lib/mysql/test/t.* are really .db/.frm and not .MYD/.MYI/.frm as mysql
tends to ignore this option if the support isn't correctly compiled and gives
no warning when using TYPE=BDB.



 	codito ergo sum - I code, therefore I am!

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