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[britney] Class-ifying [Fwd: Re: Gajim 0.13.4-4] [SRM] dpkg for squeeze [SRM] nagvis upload for stable? [SRM] proposed stable update ca-certificates Re: [SRM] proposed stable update deja-dup [SRM] proposed stable update grub-installer [SRM] proposed stable update red5 [SRM] updating ia32-libs for stable Re: [SRM] Uploading new upstream stable version to Squeeze? Backporting ZFS installer support to kreebsd binNMU for libjpeg8 migration (2nd try) binNMU on tiff Re: binNMUs for gtk+2.0 / pango1.0 multiarch changes / la file removal Re: binNMUs? Bug#547393: binNMU for libjpeg8 migration (2nd try) Re: Bug#598957: NMU of mdadm for squeeze-proposed-upates Bug#618026: ibid: Ibid 0.1.1 contains 3 security fixes Bug#618026: marked as done (pu: package ibid/0.1.0+dfsg-2+squeeze1) Re: Bug#619404: v86d 0.1.10 for Squeeze? Re: Bug#622146: nfs-common: compatibility between squeeze and sid broken Bug#622279: transition: python-defaults Bug#622371: transition: webkit Bug#624807: libav 0.7 transition Bug#624807: Upcoming Libav 0.7 transition Bug#628529: transition: ICU transition (4.4 -> 4.8) Bug#628907: pu: package mesa/7.7.1-5 Bug#629477: transition: gnustep-base, gnustep-gui, libobjc Re: Bug#631018: [RFC] libevent 2.0 transition Bug#631019: HDF5 transition, the return! Re: Bug#631912: pidfile in /tmp, opened insecurely [CVE-2011-2765] Bug#633304: transition: ocaml Bug#633561: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze1 Bug#634960: marked as done (transition: openscenegraph) Bug#635183: marked as done (transition: libimobiledevice2) Bug#635183: transition: libimobiledevice2 Bug#635515: hunspell 1.3 in unstable Bug#635974: pu: package win32-loader/0.6.21+squeeze1 Re: Bug#636944: Please binNMU parrot on i386 Bug#637020: pu: package zfsutils/8.1-5 Bug#637111: pu: package freebsd-libs/8.1-6 Bug#637114: pu: package grub2/1.98+20100804-15 Bug#637384: pu: package lintian/2.4.3+squeeze1 Bug#637653: marked as done (pu: gdebi/0.6.4+squeeze1) Bug#637653: pu: gdebi/0.6.4+squeeze1 Bug#637664: pu: package tzdata/2011h-0squeeze1 Bug#637664: Re: Bug#637664: pu: package tzdata/2011h-0squeeze1 Bug#637803: pu: package kde4libs/4:4.4.5-2+squeeze3 Bug#637840: proposed upload: package git/1: Bug#637840: pu: package git/1: Bug#638067: marked as done (transition: evolution) Bug#638067: transition: evolution Bug#638190: pu: package shelldap/0.2-1+squeeze1 Bug#638698: BinNMUs for iceweasel 6.0 Bug#638698: marked as done (BinNMUs for iceweasel 6.0) Bug#638781: RM: libgtfb/0.1.0-1 Bug#639124: marked as done (please rebuild dehydra, plugin directory did change in gcc-4.6 4.6.1-8) Bug#639642: pu: package xpdf/3.02-12squeeze1 Bug#639642: pu: package xpdf/3.02-12squeeze1 and xpdf/3.02-1.4+lenny4 Bug#639645: opu: package xpdf/3.02-1.4+lenny4 Bug#639676: pu: package pbuilder/0.199+nmu1 Re: Bug#639897: Please don't check /proc/mounts Bug#640094: marked as done (nmu: gdal_1.7.3-6) Bug#640094: nmu: gdal_1.7.3-6 Bug#640386: marked as done (RM: trac-ja-resource/0.11.5.ja1-1) Bug#640386: RM: trac-ja-resource/0.11.5.ja1-1 Bug#640404: marked as done (transition: network-manager) Bug#640404: transition: network-manager Bug#640513: transition: libgeotiff-dfsg Bug#640641: marked as done (nmu: keysafe_0.4.0.2-3) Bug#640641: nmu: keysafe_0.4.0.2-3 Bug#640794: RM: fusecompress/2.6.git913897f4-1 Bug#640884: pu: package system-tools-backends/2.10.1-2 Bug#640922: pu: package eglibc/2.11.2-10 (Was: Bug#639897: Please don't check /proc/mounts) Bug#640977: nmu: gofigure2_0.8.2-1 Bug#640995: Bug#599995: Bug#640995: nmu: serna-free_4.3.0.20110221-5 Bug#640995: nmu: serna-free_4.3.0.20110221-5 Bug#641015: marked as done (nmu: upower_0.9.13-1) Bug#641020: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.14 Bug#641031: pu: package sbcl/1: Bug#641062: pu: package quassel/0.6.3-2 Re: Bug#641128: tentative upload to stable-proposed-updates [cython] Bug#641155: pu: package mdadm/3.1.4-1+8efb9d1+squeeze1 Bug#641260: nmus for #640513, libgeotiff Bug#642308: RM: clang/2.9-10 Bug#642308: Wrong version Re: Bug#642347: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.14 Bug#642390: pu: package ipmitool/1.8.11-2+squeeze1 Bug#642579: opu: package openssl/0.9.8g-15+lenny12 Bug#642605: pu: package openssl/0.9.8o-4squeeze3 Bug#642956: pu: package apache2/2.2.16-6+squeeze4 Re: Building udebs from linux-2.6 ca-certificates version number reuse Re: ctdb for stable-proposed-updates Re: Gajim 0.13.4-4 Re: ifupdown-extra upload to stable-proposed-updates Re: Migration hint for cgsi-gsoap and lfc? Migration hint for cgsi-gsoap and lfc? NEW changes in oldproposedupdates NEW changes in proposedupdates Re: new hardware support: calling for testing Re: nfs-common: compatibility between squeeze and sid broken Oracle's Java package status Point release schedule Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#635974: pu: package win32-loader/0.6.21+squeeze1 Processed (with 1 errors): Re: upower: depends on libimobiledevice2 from experimental [amd64] Processed: block 622279 with 638247 640581 640564 640626 641346 Processed: block 622279 with 638692 639072 635498 634544 639119 Processed: block 622279 with 641488 641637 642708 Processed: block 622279 with 643458 643440 Processed: block 622279 with 643671 Processed: block 622279 with 643806 Processed: block 622279 with 643814 Processed: block 622279 with 643848, block 643848 with 643857 Processed: block 629477 with 618205, block 629477 with 629202, block 629477 with 629215 ... Processed: block 629477 with 642162, block 629477 with 618184 Processed: block 637809 with 640346 Processed: block 637809 with 640347 Processed: block 637809 with 642146 Processed: block 637809 with 642149 Processed: block 637809 with 643038 Processed: block 640513 with 638251 Processed: closing 622279 Processed: merging 640513 641260 Processed: More GNUstep bugs blocking the transition Processed: Re: Bug#618026: ibid: Ibid 0.1.1 contains 3 security fixes Processed: Re: Bug#618026: marked as done (pu: package ibid/0.1.0+dfsg-2+squeeze1) Processed: Re: Bug#628907: pu: package mesa/7.7.1-5 Processed: Re: Bug#633561: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#637020: pu: package zfsutils/8.1-5 Processed: Re: Bug#637111: pu: package freebsd-libs/8.1-6 Processed: Re: Bug#637114: pu: package grub2/1.98+20100804-15 Processed: Re: Bug#637653: marked as done (pu: gdebi/0.6.4+squeeze1) Processed: Re: Bug#637653: pu: gdebi/0.6.4+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#637840: proposed upload: package git/1: Processed: Re: Bug#637840: pu: package git/1: Processed: Re: Bug#638190: pu: package shelldap/0.2-1+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#639642: pu: package xpdf/3.02-12squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#639676: pu: package pbuilder/0.199+nmu1 Processed: Re: Bug#640794: RM: fusecompress/2.6.git913897f4-1 Processed: Re: Bug#640995: nmu: serna-free_4.3.0.20110221-5 Processed: Re: Bug#641020: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.14 Processed: Re: Bug#641031: pu: package sbcl/1: Processed: Re: Bug#641062: pu: package quassel/0.6.3-2 Processed: Re: Bug#642390: pu: package ipmitool/1.8.11-2+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#642579: opu: package openssl/0.9.8g-15+lenny12 Processed: Re: Bug#642605: pu: package openssl/0.9.8o-4squeeze3 Processed: Re: Bug#642956: pu: package apache2/2.2.16-6+squeeze4 Processed: Re: Processed: closing 622279 Processed: Re: transition: ICU transition (4.4 -> 4.8) Processed: retitle 614888 to RM: pixelpost/lenny -- RoQA Processed: retitle 614888 to RM: pixelpost/lenny -- RoQA; unmaintained, multiple security issues Processed: retitle 631019 to transition: hdf5 1.8.x Processed: retitle 633304 to transition: ocaml 3.12.1 Processed: severity of 629206 is serious, block 629477 with 629206 Processed: severity of 638249 is normal Processed: severity of 638251 is serious, severity of 638250 is serious, severity of 638249 is serious ... Processed: tagging 614888 Processed: tagging 622279 Processed: tagging 622371 Processed: tagging 624807 Processed: tagging 629477 Processed: tagging 635183 Processed: tagging 635974 Processed: tagging 637020 Processed: tagging 637803 Processed: tagging 640404 Processed: tagging 640513 Processed: tagging 640884, tagging 637653, tagging 618026 Processed: tagging 640922, tagging 641155, tagging 636945, tagging 633460, tagging 637114, tagging 633475 ... Processed: tagging 641020 Processed: tagging 642308 Processed: unblock 637809 with 642149 Processed: Wrong version Re: Processing of git_1.7.2.5-3_all.changes Re: Processing of git_1.7.2.5-3_all.changes Proposed fixes for potential XSS issues in xapian-omega Re: qtwebkit: FTBFS on s390x: needs some adjustments Regarding stable release update of mobile-broadband-provider-info release goal proposal: enable hardening build flags Re: Removal of linux-modules-di-* packages request to upload update-inetd 4.38+nmu1+squeeze1 Re: Solving rdiff-backup bug in Squeeze Re: Stable update for gdm3 Re: Stable update for python-recaptcha Re: Stable update for system-tools-backends stable-proposed-updates: considering cpufrequtils tentative upload to stable-proposed-updates [cython] Upcoming Point Releases The last update was on 16:38 GMT Sun Aug 05. There are 506 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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